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    Work Experience 2014

    27 June, 2014

    Our Year 10 students successfully took part in their Work Experience in June 2014. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the local businesses and schools who took one or more of our students for their […]

  2. Tea

    Afternoon Tea at Noadswood

    On 21st May 2014, six guests from both the school and the local community were invited to afternoon tea at Noadswood.  This was prepared and served by 4 students as part of their COPE course (Certificate of Personal Effectiveness).  The […]

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    Noadswood Build a Refinery

    This term Mrs Smith, a science teacher at Noadswood, joined a group of STEM Ambassadors from Fawley Refinery and Dr. Sarah Newman from Intech, Winchester to develop an activity to get more people involved with STEM (science, technology, engineering and […]

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    Year 7 Day Trip to Boulogne

    On Friday 20th June, 48 Year 7 students embarked on a day-long visit to Boulogne in Northern France along with Miss Blurton, Mr Hewitt, Mrs Sullivan, Miss Lancaster and Mrs Powell. After a very early start to the day we […]

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    Noadswood Keep on Winning

    At the annual New Forest Athletics competition held at Bournemouth Athletics stadium, Noadswood maintained their dominance by winning six of the available trophies on the day. There were some outstanding individual and team performances resulting in 30 athletes being selected […]

  6. Bude


    16 June, 2014

    If you ask an adult what the best years of their life were, they will almost certainly say ‘school years’. Reasons for this could be friends, the subjects, the teachers and so forth, but if I am asked that question […]