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  1. Orchard Kids

    The Greek Agora with Mr Stamp and Noadswood History Leaders

    January 28, 2015

    “What a brilliant lesson we had this afternoon about the Greek Agora. Most of us had no idea what the word ‘Agora’ meant at the beginning of the session, but went away with a very clear idea of the importance […]

  2. featured-image-default

    Thanks to all the parents who visited this week…

    January 16, 2015

    Year 7 Parents were invited to visit pupils in their lessons during a normal school day between 9.00- 10.30 am on Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th January. Here’s just a few quotes from the parents who attended: “We enjoyed the Open Mornings and […]

  3. Bloodhound


    January 10, 2015

    Noadswood School organises exciting educational experience for local pupils! The Science department at Noadswood School has organised an exciting opportunity for our year 7, 8 & 9 pupils and year 4 & 5 pupils from our various feeder schools. They […]