Year 7 Day Trip to Boulogne

June 27, 2014

On Friday 20th June, 48 Year 7 students embarked on a day-long visit to Boulogne in Northern France along with Miss Blurton, Mr Hewitt, Mrs Sullivan, Miss Lancaster and Mrs Powell. After a very early start to the day we set off for Dover where many students were able to experience leaving the UK for the very first time. After a very pleasant journey we were all able to enjoy a wonderful afternoon in Boulogne in the glorious sunshine and had plenty of time to stock up on crêpes and berets. Before returning home students had the opportunity to try out their French speaking skills one last time in a hypermarket in Calais, shopping and ordering themselves some dinner.

The trip was a great success and all students were given the opportunity to experience French culture whilst putting the French that they had learnt in school into practice. For many of our students the trip has given them a greater appreciation and a deeper curiosity of learning a language. Everyone involved thoroughly enjoyed the day and all students involved were impeccably well-behaved and a true credit to Noadswood.