Rotten Romans History Day

July 9, 2014

In May, the History Department ran a Roman day with year 4 pupils from Orchard Junior School. It was an excellent way to launch their Romans topic which saw them working with a history expert and handling Roman artefacts.  After this fantastic day, we launched a competition for pupils to document their day and the winner was Priyanka Brookes. Below, Priyanka tells you a little bit more about her day with a Roman soldier.
“When we arrived I was full of excitement. When I first caught sight of the man in Roman dress, my head was filled with questions. Who was he? What did he use these weapons for? Questions were floating all around me and I was especially interested in all of the incredible armour.  The Romans had an array of weapons but I was most fascinated by the spear. The spears were very long and it even had a little bar to stop the spear going all the way through the enemy. Why, you ask? If you think carefully, you wouldn’t want to get too close to your enemy when killing them in case they injured you! I was sad when we left but my mind was replaying all the interesting facts that we had learnt. I can’t wait until I go to Noadswood again!”