October 21, 2014

On 30th September and 1st October year 7 spent a day in their house group, team building at Ferny Crofts.

My favourite activity was the mega climb, despite my fear of heights. We made a great team and we were on fire, all of us got the the top of the 60ft Mega Climb and almost all of us got to the top blindfolded. Sitting in a huddle surrounded by all my new friends, sharing stories, adventures and achievements, I knew this was only the start of my adventure at Noadswood.

My favourite activity was the backwoods cooking because we got to create the fires and then cook bread, bacon and then enjoy marshmallows on the fire, we had great fun.

My favourite part of the day was the zip wire, it was so fast, your screams of terror and excitement got wiped away into the wind. Climbing the stairs of the tower, I wished I hadn’t gone up so fast, it was quite dark inside and I reached the top. Jumping off the top, it was like I was floating and then we got a second go.