January 10, 2015

Noadswood School organises exciting educational experience for local pupils!

The Science department at Noadswood School has organised an exciting opportunity for our year 7, 8 & 9 pupils and year 4 & 5 pupils from our various feeder schools. They will have access to the greatest British engineering adventure – a 1000 mile an hour car – and participate in inspirational STEM and Computer Science activities!

During the week of 26th to 30th of January, all of our year 8 and 9 pupils and some of the year 6 & 7s will take part in some of the following workshops:

Tour & Explore the BLOODHOUND Car, K’Nex Cars, DynaKars, Additive Manufacture (3D Printing) and Desert Living.

To watch the car in action, click the link below: