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French school visit Noadswood

June 1, 2015

A few weeks ago, a French school Collège Jean Picart le Doux came in and visited our school. They spoke very good English to us and we tried our best to speak in French to them. This was a good exercise for them and us too. They started off giving us a presentation about their school in French and we had to translate it. We found their school very interesting as they do lots of things no schools in Britain do/have. They got into groups and sat at separate tables with us. Just in case we got stuck, we had a vocabulary sheet to help us. Once we had asked questions to each other and discussed about how different our countries were, we then played some games. We played guess who, with an educational twist. They asked questions in English and we replied in French and vice versa.

After we had finished talking and they were almost ready to leave we exchanged our emails and snap chats. We now snap chat daily with our French friends and email frequently.

Overall, we thought their visit to Noadswood School has benefited us all a lot because we learnt some more French. Also we really enjoyed the experience and have made French friends out of it. Not many people get pen pals let alone ones from a different country!

Written by,

Alice Burley-Floyd & Holly Hammond (Y7)