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Oh là là, Noadswood French shoebox exchange c’est superbe!

June 8, 2015

Two classes from year 7 have been busy this term, collecting, ‘typically English’ things and writing penfriend letters to send to class 6C in the Collège Jean Picart Le Doux in France.  Amongst many things that we sent were custard cream biscuits, marmite, a red nose, English music and sweets, a model Aston Martin, a Southampton FC scarf, English fudge, an English flag teddy bear and a red bus key ring as well as many postcards and articles about the British royal family, Guy Fawkes Night, Remembrance Sunday, cricket and the New Forest, to name just a few. We included some Nutella, as we are hoping we will get some French Nutella back, so we can taste if it is different. (We discovered last year that German Nutella is definitely more nutty!)

Some students from the French school visited us at the start of May and took part in lessons and had a tour of the school, after which Noadswood pupils decided they wanted to do a shoebox exchange and make penfriends.

WHY: The idea is that the French children will receive a ‘snapshot’ of English culture from the box of goodies, and our children will experience an experience of France when we get a box back from France. Our pupils will also find French penfriends, as we have included letters and photos.

The French children are sure to enjoy opening their box of goodies, and our children are very much looking forward to making new links with future friends across the sea. We also look forward to welcoming students from the French school in years to come.

Pictured: Eve Walker, Amber Bush, Morigan Harvey and Poppy McGowan, proudly displaying the contents of the English box.