9A1 Kate Emily Hannah Maddi Amelia, Farah

Engineers from the ExxonMobil share their knowledge

March 7, 2016

Over the past few weeks, year 9 pupils at Noadswood school have been working on the BART (Build A Refinery Today) project developed by engineers from the ExxonMobil, Fawley refinery and petrochemical complex.

This was launched by Eddie Henbury with his Crude Oil road show; demonstrating some spectacular experiments involving oil products.

Following this, some year 9 classes spent several lessons on the BART project, where they investigated the profitability of a range of crude oil and processing unit options. Their work culminated in a presentation where each group of 5 students took the role of various managers and engineers to explain their choices from their different points of view.

Farah Suleman, a chemical engineer at Fawley who was one of the team who developed the project, came into school to judge one of the classes.

9B1 Adam Louis Joe Harvey9A2 Ronnie Amelia, Katherine, Keira, Daniella

Pupils in the photos     9A1 – Kate Belson, Emily Chippendale, Hannah Ranger, Maddi McGowan, Amelia Melton with Farah Suleman

9A2 – Ronnie Gilbert, Amelia Fitzgerald, Katherine Brooks, Keira Bennett, Daniella Green

9B1 – Adam Carter, Louis Robinson, Joe Vickers, Harvey Child


Hopefully some of our youngsters have been inspired enough to follow a STEM career.

Why not take a look “jobs and careers” link on the ExxonMobil.co.uk website