Greek Agora

History Leaders inspire at Orchard School

March 15, 2016

Noadswood History Leaders went down to Orchard School to develop their knowledge on the Greek Agora. The Greek Agora is an ancient market place in Ancient Greece. Greeks met at the Agora to trade items with each other.

When we arrived at Orchard we dressed in our Greek ‘clothing’ and began our lesson.

First we taught them about Greece and the Agora with the help of a powerpoint, getting them involved by letting them interact with the board. We then set up and showed them how to play the ‘Agora Trading Game‘. We then set them off on their first step to going to the agora which is… COLLECTING RESOURCES. The resources included: Fish, wheat, fruit and veg, gold coins, and sheep. Once all the children had a sufficient amount of resources, we moved onto the next step in the game.

Each child was given their own shopping list, showing them what they needed and what they needed to get those items. By getting these items, they needed to trade with each other so they can collect enough resources to get everything on their list. Next we went down to the agora which was in their music room and let them loose to trade, collect and buy the items needed. The History Leaders were sat around the room and were the shopkeepers, ticking off the items the children bought.

After a certain amount of time we travelled upstairs to reflect on our lesson. The children had to write a response supported by the IDEA framework.

We then awarded the children who collected all the item on their shopping list and offered us the best IDEA paragraph with a certificate.


Elizabeth Bridges