USA Trip

April 12, 2016

In February a number of lucky Noadswood pupils jetted off to Newark, New Jersey. From here we had a coach transfer to New York! Despite the 5 hour jetlag, everyone was buzzing with excitement as we took in the breath-taking views around us. It wasn’t warm to say the least; however, everyone was still up for a trip to Times Square that evening.

The next day was the coldest Valentine’s Day, in New York, on record (-22C) for the last 100 years! It was a busy day; in the morning we were lucky enough to visit Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, where we acquired some new friends, Shaniqua and Falala! After, we visited New York’s immigration museum. Then we went to Grand Central Station and took the metro to New York’s famous Rockefeller Center! At the top we were able to see the Empire State Building, on a beautiful bright day! We ended the day with a quick shopping trip in Macy’s and dinner at Planet Hollywood!

Monday was our last full day in New York. We paid a visit to the 9/11 memorial and museum, where everyone was very appreciative and understanding. Later on, after the picturesque snow had started to fall, we explored Central Park, seeing John Lennon’s memorial. We also had snowball fights, even the teachers joined in! That night, after dinner at Applebee’s, we were able to take a trip up the Empire State Building, but unfortunately, due to the snow, there was 0% visibility. Never- the- less, everyone still enjoyed the experience and is able to say they have climbed the 102 floors!

Tuesday was the transfer day between New York and Washington DC; we stopped at a shopping outlet in Pennsylvania, where there were a surprising number of great shops to please all.

All in all, despite the countless security checks and the spine-chilling cold, New York was an unforgettable experience!

The second part of our trip was in the USA’s capital itself- Washington D.C. It’s the home of many important historical and political structures: The most notable being The White House. Our hotel was in a perfect location- a place where we could easily walk to and from different places that we wanted to visit.

During our time in D.C, we took the opportunity to visit the nearby state of Virginia, where we had a tour around the Pentagon. It was a very interesting visit. We also took time to visit the Lincoln Memorial and the Jefferson Memorial, as well as the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum and the Holocaust Museum.

Washington, much like New York, was an extremely enjoyable experience for everyone, we all learnt a lot and had fun at the same time!

New York- by Hannah Ranger & Kathryn Brooks Washington DC- by Mia King