Rock Show 7

Rock Challenge Success!

April 12, 2016

78 Noadswood students set off to Southampton Guildhall to compete in the 2016 Rock Challenge event.  Rock Challenge is a dance/drama competition where schools have to produce an eight minute piece of choreography portraying a positive message.

Our theme this year was ‘Autism’ and to help us, we collaborated with ‘Clayhill School’ which caters for children with severe autism to help us learn more about the condition and its effect on children and adults.  Both teachers and students learnt about how those effected by autism struggle with social and communication issues, the different types of emotions they experience and also the ‘gifts’ that autism can bring.  We then used these four key aspects to create the four sections of our dance.

There were 58 performers in our dance group, supported by a crew of 20 backstage helpers who were responsible for the set, the lighting, the costumes and the hair and make-up.  Schools are judged on all these areas, along with the dance itself.

On the day of the competition there were numerous schools from across Hampshire taking part which gave our students the opportunity to meet other pupils and watch their rehearsals.  The conduct of our students was exemplary, they were polite and respectful to everyone that they met and they were friendly and supportive to all the other staff and students.  After a long day of rehearsing it came to the evening show.  It was great to see so many parents and teacher who came along to cheer us on and watch the show.

After a long ‘nail biting’ wait the results were revealed.  Noadswood won numerous awards these included; Excellence in set design and Excellence is set function, Excellence in visual design, Excellence in entertainment, Excellence in drama, Excellence in video direction, Best stage crew, Best concept, and Best soundtrack. Then to top it off, we achieved FIRST PLACE over all!

We now go on to the regional finals which take place on 21st June at the Portsmouth Guildhall where we will meet with all the other winners and perform our piece all over again!