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Pupils attend Inclusive Futures National Camp

April 19, 2016

Noadswood pupils headed to Loughborough to join the Youth Sport Trust’s Inclusive Futures National Camp. The camp focused on the 3 themes of Challenging Perceptions, Increasing Participation and Inclusive Provision.

Inclusive Future’s top priority of challenging and changing the predominant perceptions of disabled people, and of increasing participation in both sport and volunteering is a shared passion with us at Noadswood. Best of all Inclusive Futures brings together disabled people and non-disabled people as a team to lead and manage events and school and community activities.

It provides a model of what a more enlightened society could be like, one where we really are challenging limiting perceptions and recognising that we can’t afford to ignore the talents of everybody. Inclusive Futures is about opening doors and broadening horizons. It is walking the walk, not just talking the talk.

The acronym of Inclusive Futures is IF. I love that idea. Just reflect for a moment – ‘If’ is one of those words we use 100 times a day without even noticing it. Yet stop and think about it: that little ‘if’ word opens up big visions of possibility and potential.

For those of us who are idealists, “IF only we lived in a better world” is a dream we all share. The great thing about Inclusive Futures is that it empowers people to turn dreams of a better tomorrow into today’s tangible reality.