Day without hate 004

Noadswood celebrated the global ‘Day without Hate’

May 3, 2016

Noadswood celebrated the global ‘Day without Hate’ in support of the student led organisation that promotes non-violence, unity, and respect in schools.

Year 10 pupils Erin O’Farrell, Felicity Guimaraes, Kate Sheppard, Mollie Bartholomew and Meghan Claridge are involved with the charity Peacejam who have championed the cause. The girls have have organised special lessons to be run for all students centred around themes such as racism, ageism, ableism and sexism and the impact of oppression. They have also arranged a non-uniform day today to raise awareness of the Day Without Hate and pupils have been encouraged to wear white today to symbolise peace. Headteacher Alex Bernard said “It is incredibly impressive that these pupils have taken the initiative to organise whole school events in aid of such a good cause.  I am so proud of them.”