mary rose visit - wide

Navig8 trip to Portsmouth Dockyards

November 7, 2016

In Navig8 this term students are investigating ‘What Makes the South Unique’. Students studying Portsmouth Dockyards took a trip to the new Mary Rose museum and had a guided tour with Mike who shared a wealth of information about the battle that took place in the Solent when the French tried to attack Portsmouth in 1545. Beginning in the museum at the hull of the Mary Rose, students saw films re-enacting aspects of life on board projected onto the remains of the ship as well as some of the thousands of items recovered from the Solent. After reaching the top deck, they stepped into the air lock before entering the room the ship wreck sits in and were shown guns and artillery recovered. In groups students re-enacted firing the guns, planned the attack for France and the defence for England in 1545 as well as dressing up in Tudor clothing. 

In the afternoon, students learnt about the life of a Tudor Surgeon on board the Mary Rose and considered different medical techniques used to treat cooks with burns, archers hurt in battle and sick soldiers. 

Returning to school the students look forward to using their new knowledge to write their article for the class magazine and enjoyed History coming alive.