Orchard Science wide

Science Leaders welcome Orchard Junior pupils

December 7, 2016

In November, a group of Year 5 and 6′s came to Noadswood School to be involved in a variety of Science experiments with Mrs Guppy.

At the beginning, Mrs Guppy showed a demonstration called “the giant snake” which illustrated how chemicals can react with heat. At the end, the pupils saw the “marshmallow man” demonstration. This is an experiment where you a vacuum is used to lower the pressure and make the marshmallow man expand!

The other experiments were: placing skittles in water to watch the colours diffuse, putting marshmallows in syringes to compress them and see the effect of pressure on them, examining plant cells and identifying where the xylem vessels are and dropping food colouring into full fat milk then using washing up liquid to make it disperse.

Overall, everyone enjoyed the experience and we are looking forward to repeating the activities with the next group of pupils in January.

Written by

Jess Stoneman, Charlotte Parsons, Niamh Allan, Jack Conner and Samuel Eyres.