inculsive leaders

Inclusive Leaders at Noadswood School

February 10, 2017

Six pupils from years 9 and 10 at Noadswood teamed up with two pupils from Clayhill School to attend this year’s inclusive leaders training in Portsmouth. Inclusive Leadership at Noadswood involves helping and running events to include all pupils or visiting children from other schools.

Students who attended took part in three workshops which were;

  • Development of communication and organisation skills
  • Team challenges in small groups where they will put into practice their enhanced communication and organisation skills through planning and delivering a short session or competition
  • Reflection and action planning for their own event

They finished of the day with a talk from Bejing Olympic bronze medallist Casey Patten. Casey won her Olympic medal in the 10km open water swimming event and represented Team GB. She spoke about the hard work and determination that she had to complete in order to achieve her goals.