Romy Kofler

Former pupil returns to deliver moving History lesson

March 3, 2017


8R1 History students had the privilege last term of welcoming former Noadswood pupil Romy Kofler to their History Class. Her talk was informative and gave a detailed introduction to their summer topic of the Holocaust. Romy explains below a little more about why she came in and what she was hoping to achieve.

Romy Kofler, age 18 said:

“Having become an ambassador for the HET, after completing the 4 part “Lesson’s From Auschwitz” project alongside the many students that take part each year, it is expected that as ambassadors we become active in spreading the lessons from the Holocaust in our communities. As one of the ways in fulfilling this role, I visited Noadswood School to give a talk to my old History teacher’s class of year 8 students, where I myself had been taught. Since the topic of the Holocaust wouldn’t be covered until June, I decided to base the talk around anti-Semitism and where the ancient hatred stemmed from. My aim was to give some prior knowledge to Judaism and the history of anti-Semitism as a way of making students aware that when they come to study the Holocaust, they remember that the hatred of the Jews dated back for centuries before the 1930s. I was very taken aback by how engaged the students were and how many questions were asked following the talk.”