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Tomorrow’s Engineers Robotics Challenge

March 10, 2017

The Noadswood School Robotics Club set off for Winchester Science Museum and the Regional Competition organized by Tomorrow’s Engineers.  The team had been working towards this since October of last year and excitement levels were high.  On arrival, we were directed towards our base for the day and quickly got to work setting up our practice mat and robot.  Sam assumed control and soon everyone was working hard preparing for the first challenge of the day.  The team had 10 minutes to present their robot to the judges and to explain the design challenges they had faced over the past few months.  Lorne was on hand to explain the programming adjustments.

The next step was to attempt the 7 Space missions within the 5 minute time limit.  This was the moment the team had been waiting for – almost all the missions were completed but a few stumbling blocks presented themselves.  Fortunately there was time to refine the robot and its programming before the second round in the afternoon.

Next was the team challenge – the students were tasked with finding something in the Science Museum that they could recreate using just newspaper and sellotape.  Our team chose a simple design, but still found it tricky to organize themselves so that the challenge could be completed within the time limit.  With all of them working together however they pulled it off in the final few seconds.  Meanwhile Louis set to work on writing a blog on one of the topics that had been presented to the team at the start of the day.

After lunch it was time to return to the Space Missions.  Sam and Lorne had worked hard to refine the robot, and all 7 mission were completed with 27 seconds to spare!  Finally, Isobella, Tilly, Louis and Charlie stood up to present their ideas on energy in Space.  The whole team had worked hard on this and had produced a beautiful and informative poster along with a power point to support their presentation.

Some free time allowed the students to explore the museum and the Big Band Fair and then it was results time.  We were thrilled and proud to win the Space Missions Challenge Trophy – only losing one point and being the only team to have completed all of the missions on the day.  With this, it was time to leave, with the team already planning for next year’s competition!