Wheelchair Rugby wide

The HUB tries Wheelchair Rugby!

March 27, 2017

The Hub club has started again this half term with a session of Wheelchair Rugby which was coached be professionals from Solent Sharks Wheelchair Rugby Team. Pupils from Noadswood and Clayhill Schools got to have a go at playing this exciting sport, which was new to most of them. One student said ‘it was a lot of fun and a lot of banging into each other’. The session eventually led to a game which allowed star player Tom to shine and others to experience what can be a fast paced sport. Anyone interested in joining Solent Sharks Wheelchair Rugby team can speak to Mr Woods in the PE office.

The Hub Club is an inclusive sports club at Noadswood which runs Wednesday’s after school. The Hub club runs all year round by letting both sporty pupils and those who find sport a bit difficult to have fun doing inclusive sports. After Easter Hub club will be moving onto Cricket.