Inclusive Athletics 2

Noadswood win Inclusive Quad Gold at the Hampshire School Games!

July 6, 2017

A team from Noadswood are County Champions after winning the Inclusive Quad Kids event at the Hampshire School games. The team, which consisted of four year 7s, one year 8 and four year 9s, took part in four different athletic disciplines. These were; standing long jump, vortex javelin throw, 75m sprint and a 600m run. They were scored points on the disciplines depending on the time or distance that they individually achieved. These were then added up and the team score was calculated.

Students were urged at the start of the day to do the best they could and the Noadswood team certainly did that. They started with solid efforts all round in the standing long jump with all clearing the 1 meter 50 mark, with some clearing even further! In the 75 meter sprint a string of 2nd and 3rd places in their heats saw some very impressive races.

The team then moved onto the vortex javelin and after remembering the recent throwing session in the Hub club all produced personal best throws. The last discipline was the 600m run and again some impressive performances with a 3rd and 4th place finish for two year 7s, behind a year 9 & 10 from another school. Once again it was the perseverance from others in the team, including one who was tripped at the start, to make the finish in their best possible time that really helped the team.

All students who took part showed fantastic sportsmanship towards each other and the other schools with all encouraging other students and all congratulating each other at the end of races. A great day!