Hard work, grit and determination pay dividends at Noadswood School!

August 24, 2017

Congratulations to the Noadswood School class of 2017, celebrating 11 years of hard work at school today, including having risen to the challenges of new GCSE assessment in English and Maths!

The school has a real variety of success stories to share over the next few weeks and months, just a few of which are:

- 9 pupils, India Blake, Robbie Bradford, Sarah Goulding, Caitlin Lawrence, Katie-Ann Miles, Sophie Powell, Kate Sheppard, Zoe Wakelam and Jacob Watkins, gaining 8 A*/A or equivalent grades, with the new Grade 9s in English, Maths or both amongst their results, a grade being heralded nationally as A**! They also smashed expected progress for themselves in almost every qualification.

- The pupils making the very best progress from their starting points are Luke O’Brien, Glenn Rendle, Oli Smallridge, Livi Davies, Archie Halls, Alice Cross and Alex Andronache – an important indicator of excellent effort!

- Excellent results in Music, both GCSE and Music Technology vocational qualification, at 85% and 100% A*-C respectively, hot on the heels of the school’s end of Summer Term concert that combined infant and junior singers with Noadswood performers, as well as learners from Sefoloko High School in South Africa – Music is thriving at the school!

- Strong results in Graphics and Resistant Materials, reinforcing the importance of these subjects to our young people and to future British industry and employment.

The school is also very pleased for the pupils that in the core subjects, where assessment and curriculum changes have been underway, including new demanding content, they have done well, with 77.1% gaining at least a Grade 4 or above in Mathematics, 71.5% achieving at Grade 4 or above in English and 45% of the year group gaining at least a Grade 5 or better in both subjects. Science results, still under the previous A*-G system of assessment, also convey the pupils’ hard work, with 79.4% achieving A*-C.

In English and Mathematics, the year group has also made good progress from its starting points, beating its targets for making at least expected progress by some 10% in English and by 3% in Maths.

Headteacher, Kathryn Marshall, said, ‘I would like to thank all the pupils, parents and also every single member of staff at Noadswood for the contribution each person has made with their sheer effort and dedication to achieve all our results, making the school such a special place to be part of, because of the way we all pull together for success. I’d also pay tribute to my predecessor, Mr Bernard, who’ll be delighted to hear about the success of this year group. Whatever the national conversation is about this year’s new GCSE results compared to previous years’, what we are proud of is our pupils’ successes not only academically but in all parts of their school lives. Well done Year 11, and all the best!’