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Stonehenge and Avebury Visit

November 23, 2017

On Thursday 16th of November, year 7 Navig8 students visited Stonehenge and Avebury with Mr Stone and Mr Stamp. It was a fantastic opportunity to compare two henge monuments. We had a great time! At Avebury we had a guided tour of the stones and learned how they were discovered. The stones were only found once the land was farmed and the incredible discovery was made. When at Stonehenge we learnt that each stone weighs about 25 tons and the stones towered over our heads. It started its construction  in 3100 BC and took 1,500 years to build. Stonehenge gets 1.3 million visitors a year with 500,000 of them being school children. We can’t wait to use our learning in our articles!