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Year 10 historians visit London

20 March, 2018

Forty Year 10’s spent the day in London as part of their GCSE studies, visiting Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and the Old Operating Theatre.

The Globe Theatre forms the historical environment study for GCSE historians in 2019, pupils attended a lecture about the development of theatre in Elizabethan England and how the Globe Theatre came to be built on its site. Pupils were then given a tour of the theatre and a chance to identify aspects of the rebuild which were researched from a variety of historical documents.

In the afternoon the group then visited the Old Operating Theatre, the site of a female hospital of the 19th Century. Pupils investigated how far did chloroform and ether revolutionise surgery. The visit enabled pupils to gather and renew their knowledge of the huge changes that occurred in the 19th Century. Tom a Year 10 pupil volunteered to re-enact one operation whilst many pupils squealed at the account.

A brilliant day in London, allowing pupils to engage in the history of the city.