Hitler on Trial wide

Year 11’s put Hitler on Trial

20 March, 2018

Noadswood History department returned to the Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne with 44 Year 11 pupils this year, to attend the School History Scene workshop on Weimar and Nazi Germany. Under the support of Josh Brooman, students acted as examiners to mark GCSE responses to questions they may face this summer. Pupils commented that they felt confident about what AQA would be expecting from them in the summer.

Following a short break, the audience then became the jury, as Hitler was put on trial, did he really intend to take Germany back into war? Listening to a variety of witnesses including members of the Swing Movement, the SA and the Nazi Party. Noadswood voted guilty as did the majority of the audience, although it was quite a close result.

A super morning by School History Scene which helped pupils to evaluate the evidence they were faced with.