Bude 2018

Year 7′s enjoy their Bude adventure!

June 18, 2018

On the 3rd June 2018, some brave and excited Year 7s set off on a journey to Adventure International, Cornwall. We were
hungry for adventure, and thrilled to try new things we hadn’t done before. The journey was long and tiring, but when we got there we were relieved that the journey was over.

The first day was very exciting for everyone as we had our first tutor/instructor meet, and we had our first activities. Some of the activities were: canoeing, team trail, kayaking, bodyboarding and surfing. They challenged our teamwork, fears and capabilities, and after a couple of days, we began to realise that we can run faster, climb higher, and do a little more than we think. Just as long as we believe in ourselves and try our best, we will achieve that goal.

In the evenings there were various entertainments such as fancy dress, discos, karaoke and talent night. It was a chance to show off skills we have from outside of school and to show off our creativity with costumes too. Noadswood has some epic talent!

At Bude we learnt teamwork skills, independent skills, and resilience skills, which really helped when we were doing an activity which took us out of our comfort zone. It was an incredible trip, and we’re sure it will be one that we are talking about in Year 11!

We would like to say a massive thank you to Miss Rawlinson for organising this trip, and to all the Noadswood and Adventure International staff who helped this trip to be amazing. Without you this trip wouldn’t have happened and we wouldn’t have learnt all the things we know now!!

Year 7 pupil – Darcey Rollett