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Xanthie Fabling – National Aerobic Gymnastics champion

July 2, 2018

On Saturday 23rd June I competed in the Aerobic Gymnastics British Championships. I had previously become the Southern Region champion and won a gold medal at the Heathrow competition,  so going into the National Championships I was so excited to see what I could achieve.

Aerobic Gymnastics is the most energetic type of gymnastics where you perform an action-packed routine which is full of skills and choreography on a wooden floor. The sport consists of power, precision, passion, and giving my all. Every time I train, every time I perform I am determined to become stronger. Minutes, hours, years of training all comes down to 1 minute 20 seconds. At the British Championships I was against 20 other gymnasts all competing for the title of best NAC Aerobic Gymnast. It is an incredible feeling when you’re waiting to perform, excited, nervous and determined all at once. With my team mates shouting my name I step onto the floor with confidence, ready to show the judges and crowd what I can do. The music kicks in and I am focused and proud. I came off the floor wishing that I would soon have the NAC Cup in my hands. A short while later I found out that I had achieved the highest score I have ever received and I had become the best NAC (national) Aerobic gymnast in Britain. My coach even cried with happiness.

Aerobic Gymnastics; a sport and so much more.

Xanthie Fabling –  year 10 Knightwood