BAE systems roadshow

BAE Systems wow pupils with inspirational roadshow

25 July, 2018

Year 7 were lucky enough to view an inspirational roadshow hosted by the BAE Systems, where three mathematicians introduced us to the world of STEM. 

Firstly, the trio introduced to the already intrigued Year 7′s to Maya the intelligent robot, who could perform some amazing tricks. Maya danced, had conversations, completed complicated calculations, and even managed to jump up off the floor. Maya was very polite and had a very positive reaction.

After Maya said goodbye and shut down, the Year 7′s were taught all about the marvellous maths that is used when building. They called up some volunteers who helped build a slide! The slide consisted of a plastic pipe and a metal ball; however, when the ball was sent down the slide it didn’t go very far, much to the disappointment of the expectant audience.

Following this came an act of magic- or so it seemed. Using the power of maths, the trio performed a card trick involving choosing a random card from a pile of 21 cards. After picking said card (an ace of spades), one of the team tried to guess the card by putting all the cards into three separate piles three times, and correctly finding the ace of spades to the awe of the audience.

Finally, the year sevens were taught about the power motor, and how the RAF managed to set a new world record! To show the year sevens how powerful it was, they called up some more volunteers to test out its strength. The power motor managed to knock ten cups off the heads of the children from a very far away distance. It stunk!

So, we thank BAE Systems for supplying us with the show and thank Ms Clarke for making it all happen.