lifelabs 2018


25 July, 2018

Following on from the visit to LifeLab in the Autumn term, the Year 9s completed their own Scientific Investigations into a health topic of their own choosing.  This culminated in each group producing a Research Poster and the 2 that were judged the best were then sent in to LifeLab.  The 5 students responsible for these posters  (Charlotte House, Jordan Stride, Katie Fletcher, Lily Liddon and Skye Gibson) were invited to attend an evening showcasing work from schools who had attended the LifeLab sessions.  LifeLab also invited the students’ parents to come along and see what their children had been up to.

The evening was a great success, with all 5 of our students receiving CREST awards for their Scientific Posters, plus one team being awarded the prize for “Poster with the Best Scientific Question”.  Jordan, Katie and Skye had decided to research whether birth length affected people’s height, and when they found the data tricky to get hold of adapted their research to investigate whether there was a correlation between height and arm length.

A healthy buffet was laid on for all attendees, supporting the message of LifeLab which is to raise teenagers’ awareness and interest in the science underpinning health issues, and make positive changes to adolescent health-related attitudes.