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Noadswood commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day

11 February, 2019

On the 28th January, Noadswood came together to remember and commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day. Across the school different tutor groups looked at more recent genocides such as Rwanda and Cambodia to show that even though we remember this horrific event each year, it is still happening in some places across the world and think about what we can do in order to stop this from happening. This was also replicated by House Leaders who led an assembly on these events and highlighted why it is so important.

In History, RS and English Key Stage Four students learnt more in depth about why these events occurred and learned the life stories of some of the survivors. In these lessons, they participated in the post card project. Each student wrote a message to a survivor, who will send a reply, showing empathy about what they had to go through and some of the students messages where truly inspirational.

Later this year, Year 8 students will receive a visit from Dorit, another survivor, who will talk to them about her situation and what she went through which will enhance their knowledge considerably. More to come on this after Dorit’s visit in the summer!