June 28, 2013

“Making the move to secondary school can seem daunting.  However, this year Noadswood pupils have been on hand to help local year 5 pupils experience a fantastic day at Noadswood School.

During the week of the 25th-28th June, Noadswood was transformed into a centre for science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).  Each day a different primary school visited us to take part in three exciting activities, all with a STEM connection. These activities were based on computer programming of Lego space vehicles, the production of their own Moon Buggy from templates and a chance to design and launch a rocket far higher than they may have achieved before!

Each of these STEM activities was led by professionals from the Intech Science Centre and the STEMNET ambassador programme and assisted by Noadswood year 7 and 8 pupils.  Year 5 pupils also experienced Noadswood’s state of the art facilities through a series of lunch time activities designed to help give a flavour of life at secondary school.  It was a brilliant week for year 5 pupils, with Adam from Orchard Junior School commenting:

“I loved today; it was a great experience of my life. The activities were amazing!”

It was also an outstanding week for our pupils.  They received specialised training from Intech to prepare for this event, it also allowed them to lead assemblies with our primary schools. It provided a wonderful forum for our students to demonstrate leadership, team work and creativity.