Elite Sports Performers

Elite Sports Performers

November 5, 2013

Noadswood elite performers are training in Totton College’s Strength and Conditioning Suite to improve their ability to make the big stage.

Totton College have given Noadswood high performance pupils their brand new strength and condition suite to use during PE lessons. These sessions are fundamental to becoming high level sports performers in the future and it’s a wonderful opportunity for the Noadswood pupils to experience.

Strength and Conditioning gyms are not like the gyms that we go to at our local leisure centres. These gyms are only built for elite performers and are integral to professional sports teams to work on movement patterns for their sport and give them an advantage over competitors. It is unique for Noadswood pupils to be given this opportunity to improve their sport in this gym environment.

Terry Shearsmith, Noadswood Head of PE says ‘I simply can’t believe that Noadswood pupils have this opportunity at, what can only be described as a world class facility, to train for their sport. Being trained by experienced strength and conditioning experts at Totton College accompanied by undergraduates from Solent University, and training alongside young international athletes is an opportunity not to be missed and is testament to the forward thinking sports academy staff at Totton College.’

Director of Sport Andy Daish said, “it’s a privilege to be able to offer such a great opportunity to the sports stars of tomorrow, especially from local schools such as Noadswood. If we can improve the functional movements of these athletes whilst they are at school and inspire them to do the best they can in all aspects of their lives, then they stand a fantastic chance of reaching their true potential in the future.”