Art Leaders Trip

Art Leaders Trip

27 March, 2014

On Friday, 14th March 2014, Mrs Brown took a group of Art Leaders to the Horrill Day Centre to provide an Art Master Class in printmaking to local senior citizens.

The group was made up of Charley Matthews, Rebecca Martin and Sammy Ross from year 9 and Zoe Wakelam and Lucy Simmonds from Year 8.

This was a wonderful opportunity for Noadswood to forge links with the local community and for the Art Leaders to share their Art knowledge and skills.

Statements from senior citizens who attended the Master Class:

“I thought my day with Noadswood Art leaders was very interesting. Doing printmaking was a very new skill which is different to what we usually do here.”

“The Noadswood students that came to teach us printing were very nice and polite. I had never done much art before but after today I will definitely do it more often. It was a lovely way to spend the day.”