The House System

The House System encourages a sense of family and belonging with older students supporting and encouraging younger students in all aspects of school life.  Every member of the school community is a member of one of the four houses named after enclosures in the New Forest.

It is also a vehicle for developing leadership skills in our young people.  The Houses are led by two House Leaders, one for Learning and one for Guidance.  They are supported by a student team of prefects led by a House Captain who together play an important role in shaping the ethos of their House.   All students are encouraged to be valued members of their House through active participation in the life of the school.

Healthy competition is encouraged and inter-house competitions take place across a range of sports as well as across curriculum areas.

We are extremely proud of our House Captains, Sports Captains and Prefects who are chosen following a rigorous selection procedure.  In order to achieve prefect status, students must demonstrate the personal qualities and high standards required of this ambassadorial role alongside a record of active and positive contributions to the school community.


The spring term seems to have flown by with so many activities going on both in and out of school. Anderwood pupils have been beavering away in clubs and competitions too numerous to mention in this short newsletter, but it certainly makes a difference in that all important House competition. At the time of writing this we sit in second place, only a mere 21 points behind 1st and with scores well over 12,000 points it is super close!

This term we have been interviewing our new Prefects and have been hugely impressed with the quality of all of our candidates. Are they the team to make that final push to reinstate Anderwood at the top again? Only time will tell, but with the drive, determination they have demonstrated in their interviews they certainly have the potential and we believe that the future of Anderwood is in very safe hands.

We will also be saying a fond farewell to our Year 11 pupils in a few short months. Thank you as always to our reliable prefects led so brilliantly by James, Felicity and Robbie. Happy revising over the Easter holidays, every little bit can make a difference. We hope that all of your hard work pays off and if you haven’t started yet it’s still not too late!

Mr Rowling & Ms Crane
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The spring term has seen a number of pupils achieve both inside and outside of school. A number of pupils represented Noadswood in the ABP Maths Challenge and we are very proud to have Kate Belson and Maddie McGowan in Deerleap who were a part of the team who went onto win! We would also like to congratulate Anna Ferrier who has successfully auditioned to be a part of the English Youth Ballet and will be performing at Salisbury City Hall in April.

Deerleap have channeled their fundraising to Comic Relief this term, all of the pupils at Noadswood have done a fantastic job at raising money for this wonderful cause. We would especially like to thank Samuel Eyres for his original idea of ‘Guess the Teachers Nose!’ and Lily Wiseman for selling ‘Soap and Sweet Things’. Our senior prefects as always did a great job of selling red noses and helping out on other stalls throughout the week. The term has finished with the prefects organising our annual Easter Egg Hunt for Year 7 and the money raised from this will go to our House Charity – The Rainbow Trust.

I am sure your children have informed you that Mr Marsh will be taking over my role whilst I am on maternity leave. His first job in the role was to help me interview our new year 10 prefects who all did a fantastic job. He and Miss Gates are looking forward to the up and coming prefect training day and working with them over the next year!

Finally, the time has nearly come to say ‘goodbye’ to our year 11. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our prefect team who were led by Katie-Ann Miles, Lucy Newman and Fraser Smith. We would also like to wish all of our year 11 pupils the best of luck in their up-coming GCSE exams, keep working hard as every little bit will make a difference!

Mrs Martin & Miss Gates


As we approach the end of a very long term, it is good to reflect on the achievements of so many of our Knightwood superstars who have thrown themselves into school life in recent weeks. Every time a list of pupils who are out on a Science trip / off to a Rugby tournament / visiting a local junior school is e-mailed to staff, it is most gratifying to see large numbers of ‘yellow’ pupils involved. We firmly believe that school life is about more than 25 lessons a week, there is so much to be gained by pupils in seeking out a wider and more varied experience over their five years at Noadswood.

Our new House charity is ‘Young Minds’, a national body that is concerned with supporting young people who are struggling in a variety of ways. We recently held a cake sale, led by our senior prefect team to fund raise for the work they undertake. In one break-time, due to the ‘profiteering’ nature of the prefects, nearly £100 was raised. We hope to add to this total with stalls at Sports day later in the summer term.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have also been interviewing potential prefects from amongst our Year 10 pupils. As always, we have been impressed by the commitment and talent of these ‘future’ leaders of Knightwood. We would also like to pay tribute to our outgoing prefects who will finish their duties after Easter as they prepare for their final GCSE exams. Thank you for all your hard work this year, especially to the senior team of Erin, Seren and Kate for your leadership. Also, to Oli and India for leading us to another victory in Sports day last summer. Good luck to you all for whatever the future holds for you after Noadswood!

Finally may we wish you all a very chilled Easter holiday, revision is important for those in the higher years, but do remember to fully relax too and re-charge your batteries!

Mr J-P Fenton & Mrs French


We celebrated at the end of the Autumn term achieving the House Cup, Year 7 and Year 10 awards, we look forward to finding out the achievements of Wilverley on the last day of term in our celebration assembly. As you read this newsletter our pupils will be completing final rehearsals and then the performances of Alice in Wonderland during the last week of term, we look forward to the performance on Wednesday evening.

In lessons, Year 7 are busy on their Navig8 community projects, we are looking forward to your presentations after Easter. Year 8 have been busy this term, considering their GCSE courses for the future whilst a busy Easter is ahead of revision for Year 11 pupils, we wish you all the best in your upcoming exams. Year 11 have worked hard during the last 18 months, we hope they make the most of the last six weeks, taking up every opportunity of support offered to them by their teachers.

At this time of the year, as Year 11 prepare for the last few months of life at Noadswood, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Wilverley prefects, ably led by Ellie, Harriet and Chloe. These last few weeks, we have undertaken prefect interviews with Year 10, we look forward to Prefect training after Easter and hearing your ideas about the year ahead.

Finally may we wish you all the best for the Easter break.

Miss Rawlinson & Mrs Ward