The English Department at Noadswood prides itself on enthusing students with a love of the English language and Literature. Students are given the opportunity to engage with a range of texts from different cultures and historical periods.
During their time at Noadswood, students will develop the skills needed to communicate effectively through the use of spoken and written language and understand and respond to a variety of texts. There is a strong focus on the key skills of reading, writing and speaking and listening. We aim to improve students’ technical accuracy in written work, raise their critical understanding by developing their thinking and analytical skills, increase their cultural awareness through the exploration of a wide range of reading material and encourage their creativity through drama, independent reading and imaginative writing.
We believe that the study of this subject at Noadswood should not only prepare students for further study and the world of work, but also instill a genuine appreciation and enjoyment of English that stays with them for life.

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3, students are introduced to a range of engaging and diverse topics designed to develop reading, writing and speaking and listening skills. Students will study poetry, works of contemporary fiction, non-fiction and media, scripts and literature from other times. We believe that the skills students develop in our subject will benefit them not only in English, but across the curriculum.

Key Stage 4

During Key Stage 4, students will study either AQA English Language or AQA English. The course focuses on novels, poems and plays as well as a range of non-fiction and media. At present, work is assessed through a combination of controlled coursework and final exam. We offer students a range of support programmmes and revision sessions to ensure that all students have the opportunity to achieve their full potential. We are proud of our recent GCSE results and believe these to be the result of the hard work and dedication of students and teachers alike.