Parenting Workshops

(Held in Noadswood School hall)

Dear Parents and Carers,

Noadswood School and Applemore College are very excited to be offering the first three in what we hope will be a long programme of excellent parenting workshops for us to participate in, with a colleague I have worked with for years and whose credibility in this area is first class, Lorraine Lee from Re:Cap – have a look online at the quality of her work and the tributes paid to her.

We have spoken to some of you this year about the challenges we all face as parents and carers, supporting our young people effectively to do their best but without maximising their and our own stress levels – Lorraine is the lady to support us all with these and other related matters.

Have a look at the flyer below, and consider whether one particular workshop is for you, or perhaps all three would be helpful? Her style is relaxed, warm and conveys the sense that we are all in this together, but at the same time, her knowledge and understanding are excellent.

Roland Marsh and I are really looking forward to meeting some of you at these events. If you have any specific queries, do email me at the school.

With thanks,

Yours sincerely,

Miss K Marshall


Noadswood and Applemore Parenting Flyer2


To download a copy of this flyer please Click Here