Full Governing Body

Our Governing Body is made up of fourteen people – thirteen of which are volunteers made up from parents, the community and staff. Individually we have no authority but collectively we govern the workings of the school through corporate decision making.

To ensure that Noadswood continues to do all it can for its pupils, its staff and the wider community it is vital that interested and committed people are willing to put themselves forward and participate as governors.

Although governance is achieved through group decision making, each of the stakeholder bodies are represented on the Governing Body. For example two of the governors are parents of children at Noadswood and are selected through parent elections. We are a team made up of enthusiastic and committed people whose ultimate aim is to support and challenge the school to becoming an institution where every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential in a safe and secure and happy environment.

Our Governors are:

Name Gov Type Appointed by End Term of Office Committee Role
Chris Blake Community Member Member GPC P&PC HTPMP Vice Chair of GBChair of HTPMP
Jackie Rapson Community Member Member GPC P&PC HTPMP
Mike Roberts Community Member Member GP, P&PC Chair of GPC
Kevin O’Brien Community Member Member SIC  HTPMP Chair of GBChair of HTPMP
Alison Munden Community Member Member SIC HTPMP Chair SIC
Paul-James Putt Community GB July 2021 SIC, P&PC Chair of P&PC
Paul Uglow Community GB Dec 2021
Kathryn Marshall Headteacher Headteacher All committees
Sarah Balson Parent GB April 2021 SISC, Pay and Personnel Vice Chair of SIC
Rachel Clark Parent GB Sept 2022 Responsible Officer
Di Smith Staff GB April 2021 GPC Pupil Premium link
Mark Wooster Staff GB Sept 2019 SIC MFL link
Elaine Huttly Staff GB April 2021 GPC
Jane French Staff GB April 2021 SIC


GPC: General Purposes Committee
SIC: School Improvement Committee
P&PC: Pay and Personnel Committee
HTPMP: Headteacher’s Performance Management Panel


Recent Full Governor Body minutes are here:

Attendance of Governors