School Improvement

The role of School Improvement is to support and agree improvements in the curriculum, to enhance academic performance, and to promote and track their effective implementation. This committee is overseeing the pupil and staff safeguarding and child protection issues and training. The Head also reports on staffing issues, capability issues, staff recruitment, admissions policy, pupil attendance, exclusions and the good news from pupils.

Meetings are normally twice termly and are attended by at least six members of the Full Governing Body. In normal circumstances the Deputy Head will give a reports on the school performance and often a member of staff will be invited to give an overview of their particular area of expertise.

The full terms of reference for this committee are available here.

Currently the following governors are members of the School Improvement committee:-
Alison Munden (Chair of SI Committee), Kathryn Marshall (Headteacher),Sarah Balson, Jane French, Kevin O’Brien, Mark Wooster and Paul-James Putt

All meetings are recorded and a copy of the minutes tabled at the next full governors meeting. The latest sets of approved minutes are listed here:-