General Purposes Committee

This committee meets to consider reports from the School Business Manager and the Head on all matters related to the school finances.  The Head also reports to the committee on staffing structure, policy and procedures for dealing with disciplinary and grievance matters.  The committee also reviews Health and Safety issues and ensures compliance with legislation.  Finally this committee oversees the development and maintenance of the buildings and grounds to provide a safe, secure, pleasant and stimulating environment.

Meetings are normally twice termly and are attended by at least four members of the Full Governing Body (one of which shall be the Headteacher).  In normal circumstances the School Business Manager will give a report on school finances and at least once per term the School Responsible Officer will report on his investigations into the Financial Control within the school.

The full terms of reference for this committee are available here.

Currently the following governors are members of the General Purposes committee:-
Mike Roberts (Chair of GP Committee), Jackie Rapson (Chair of Governors), Chris Blake, Kathryn Marshall (Head Teacher), Diane Smith and Elaine Huttly.

All meetings are recorded and a copy of the minutes tabled at the next full governors meeting.  The latest sets of approved minutes are listed here:-