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Navig8 – Innovation Learning Futures

Navig8; It’s your learning journey, you set the course!

What is Navig8?

Navig8 is Noadswood’s bespoke integrated Humanities year 7 curriculum.   Our Year 7 students still follow the normal curriculum in their other lessons, however, during Humanities curriculum time (History, Geography and Religious Studies) students pursue the Navig8 curriculum for a term in each subject. In term one they will work on a Geography Navig8 project examining the uniqueness of Africa, in term two within History they will be examining communities from around the world and in term 3 during RS they will be examining inspirational people.  In Years 8 and 9, students study more traditional History, Geography and Religious courses, having been equipped with the skills they need to be successful.  The curriculum involves students choosing topics that really interest them and researching relevant information to support this learning.

Rationale for Navig8:

Navig8 was born out of a desire to ensure that our students have the tools they need to learn effectively, and equip them with the essential skills they need to meet the demands and expectations of the 21st century jobs market.  We had become increasingly aware that it is impossible to teach students everything they will need for the future, particularly when most of the knowledge and theories don’t even exist yet.  What we could do, however, was help students to ask the right questions, follow through an enquiry and teach them how to research effectively to achieve the most effective learning outcomes.

Navig8 lessons have been designed to allow our learners to pursue knowledge, skills and understanding through enquiry and project based learning.  The principles behind the Navig8 curriculum are that in addition to the knowledge that teachers impart to students , learners also need to be equipped with the skills that ensure they will continue learning for the rest of their lives. It has been shaped to facilitate students’ thinking about themselves and their own responsibilities as a learner.  Our lessons are underpinned by competencies that help students learn how to learn and make them effective learners across all curriculum areas.  Our curriculum encourages students to take more responsibility for not only what they learn, but how they learn it.

How does ‘Navig8’ positively impact its learners?

The Navig8 team have been hugely successful, working in conjunction with Bristol University, High Tech High and Learning Futures, in creating a curriculum that best suits the needs of our students.   A study by Bristol University identified the following strengths:

  • Navig8 optimises the learning experiences by offering more freedom in learning.
  • Navig8 offered chances for students to communicate and collaborate with each other in a more effective way than traditional lessons.
  • Navig8 encourages students to be more independent and responsible for their own learning.
  • Navig8 students have developed a stronger self-identity and self-awareness as learners.  They have become more confident and independent in their own learning.
  • Navig8 students have gained a greater sense of ownership and confidence about their voice in the classroom.