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Curriculum Information

Our Curriculum is designed to provide every pupil every opportunity to be successful and to move on to the next stage in their education with the confidence that comes from good achievement, a breadth of experience and the resilience to over come challenge. Our most successful pupils attend school as frequently as is possible with a positive attitude to learning and hard work. The support and co-operation of parents is also a vital factor in pupils getting the most out of the school curriculum.

The Noadswood curriculum is arranged by Key Stage: Key Stage 3 is organised across years 7 and 8 this allows for a three year process for Key Stage 4. This is a relatively new arrangement at Noadswood; it has allowed us to maintain real breadth at Key Stage 4 in the light of the much more demanding GCSE courses that pupils are required to study. Year 9 provides pupils with a more in depth grounding in their chosen ‘option’ subjects. The curriculum design also allows us the opportunity to mix academic qualifications with vocational courses to best suit our pupils.

During Key Stage 3 pupils study a wide variety of subjects which are almost all driven by the National Curriculum. There is, of course, a focus given to the core subjects: English, Mathematics and Science. Navig8 is the vehicle for year 7 Humanities subjects which along with the rest of the KS3 curriculum has been designed to prepare pupils for further study and the challenges of independent enquiry required of pupils at GCSE and indeed post 16 education. Critical thinking, team work, leadership and reflective learning are all key elements of Key Stage 3, particularly in Navig8. Pupils study citizenship throughout KS3 while other elements of Personal, Social and Health Education are delivered through a series of immersion days and mornings as well as through Year Group and House Assemblies.

In the spring term of year 8 pupils choose four preferred qualifications to study alongside the core subjects in KS4. Parents are encouraged to support their children through this process although the school can provide a good deal of advice. We will often which subjects will best suit the needs of the individual pupil. The school’s VLE and the evening events are vital sources of information for pupils and parents alike. Where ever possible pupils are required to fulfil the EBacc suite of qualifications.

When the time comes for your child please read the guidance in the VLE on choosing your options. Choosing wisely is vital. We recommend that students continue to study a balanced academic curriculum. At this stage in a child’s life it is difficult to ascertain what career path he or she may follow. Therefore this process is about maintaining balance and not ‘closing doors’ to routes in the future.

In KS4 pupils will have chosen four subjects from the pool of more than 20 GCSEs, VCERTs, ASDAN and BTEC level 1 and 2 qualifications. Alongside these courses all pupils will study English Language, English Literature, Mathematics and Double Award Science. Some pupils will be able to study GCSE statistics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology (rather than Double Science) or a half course GCSE Religious Studies. We also endeavour to provide our pupils with the opportunity for private, silent study. For some children who require extra support we are able to do support their private study with our Learning Support Assistants.