Governor Biographies

Dr Catherine Langdon - Chair

I became interested in governance a couple of years ago and became a Trustee at Noadswood in 2019 and Chair of Trustees at the start of this academic year.  I am a self-employed environmental consultant affiliated to the University of Southampton specialising in past environmental change.  I work with several external archaeological consultancies and also with academic institutions both in the UK and internationally on a diverse range of projects on a consultancy basis.  As a part of this I manage multiple projects, work with, and scrutinise large datasets, present and speak at meetings and research and communicate challenging information.  All of these skills transferable to governance. 

I have two children already at Noadswood and I believe as trustees we are here to make sure that the school is an environment which prioritises the education, wellbeing and safety of students and staff to create a respectful, happy community in which students can thrive as individuals.