Digital Down - Tutor Booking View

Tuesday 02/03/2021

Following the previous success of both our Contact Morning and our Digital Down event, we have made the decision to combine these together and hold a second digital down day on Tuesday 2nd March.  Every student in the school have a 10 minute tutor appointment booked for them, between 9am and 3pm on this day, which will run just like a parents' evening does.

Students and parents will see the booking in ePraise via Community > Parents' Evening > Digital Down (Tutor 1-2-1). Students and parents will also receive an email confirmation of this booking by Monday 1st March which will be accessible via Microsoft Teams in the usual way, with their tutor or member of the pastoral team.


It is our expectation that your child attends this appointment because reconnection is so important for all of us. During this time we will be able to give some more information on the return to school, offer support and advice and answer any question your child may have. Parents/carers are welcome to attend this appointment with their child but please be mindful that the purpose of this call is for a well-being check and will be limited to 10 minutes per child. 

Should you have particular concerns or more complex worries you wish to discuss we encourage you to reach out to your child's tutor and House Leaders via epraise or email as you normally would, or do contact me at - we are here for you as individuals as always.