About us

We are a comprehensive secondary school full of around 1000 fabulous 11-16 year old students, situated in a pleasant village, a short distance from the New Forest and the Waterside, on a large, green site. We have very well-appointed facilities including dedicated teaching spaces for all specialist subjects.

The school enjoys enthusiastic staff, governor and parental involvement and has an active commitment to colleague professional development for both our teaching and support staff.

Our ethos is driven by a conviction that young people deserve to feel happy, safe and that they can enjoy their time in school and beyond, as they grapple with their workloads, their online lives, and a world of complexity and challenge out there.

At Noadswood, we cultivate the wellbeing of all, and an ethos of kindness and mutual care. This is combined with a resolute fostering of a Growth Mindset, equipping students to learn tenacity and understand that we all make mistakes that we will grow from.

Our House Teams of House Leaders and tutors are brilliantly supported by our school ELSA provision of 1:1, group and workshop programmes and drop ins as well as weekly counselling. This provision is at the heart of school life, alongside our exciting and rich curriculum, staffed by specialist teachers right across the piece. All this is backed by a team of technicians, our premises team and our business and finance support teams, who play a central part in our pride in our school and its environment. All this together conveys the whole of the Noadswood family working together to sustain the mindful, healthy, successful way we all want to live.

We hope you'll be able to navigate the site well and find all of the information you're looking for, from information about our pastoral team and how they place your child's wellbeing at the forefront of everything they do, to our rich curriculum, fantastic facilities and opportunities that studying at Noadswood brings. We welcome you to explore everything we have on offer, however if you're left wondering any question please just contact us and we will get in touch with you.