Results Day

Hello Year 11 and Year 10 citizenship / early entry mathematicians,

We very much hope that you're all doing well. Below are updates about results day, which is fast approaching:

  • Time and location
  • In person and electronic distribution
  • Representative collection
  • Appeals
  • Grade boundaries
  • Support
  • Prom photos
  • Exam board information
  • ULN number

Time and Location

Thursday 24th August 2023 - arrive between 9.30am and 10.00am via the tennis court gate and if the weather is good, we will hand out by the Drama Studio, and if bad in the hall.

*Year 10 - citizenship and early entry mathematicians, please arrive between 10.15am and 10.30 am to collect your results.


Results will be published to your school email address (this should be completed around midday). Please do ensure you remember your login details before you leave if you plan to access them this way (please note, they can only be emailed to your official school address, and no other). Your official certificates will be presented after they have been received by Noadswood from the examination boards - we will be hosting this on November 9th 2023, and we'll update closer to the time via your parent / carer email address and via social media.

**Year 10 - citizenship and early entry mathematicians, your results will be uploaded to Arbor by around 12pm too.

Collection Questions

***If you cannot collect in person, you can send a representative with a letter signed by you and they must bring ID confirming who they are.

****Any results certificates not collected will be held by our examinations officer - you can email to make arrangements to collect in September if not collected on results day.

You might have some questions about your next steps only Results Day in terms of college / apprenticeships / work - Year Leaders, Mr Lewis and members of staff will be around to provide advice and care in what has been such an exceptional year for you all...


All students have the right to appeal, and the JCQ guidance link is here: JCQ Appeals 2023. If you, as a student, wish to make an appeal, please contact us via and we will inform you of the process and next steps. Where appeals are made by Noadswood, we will seek student’s authorisation to proceed, and these are managed on the students' behalf with all costs covered by Noadswood.

It is important that you are aware that the outcome of any appeal may make the mark lower, higher than or stay the same as that originally awarded and there are costs involved with the appeals process. Noadswood Team Leaders will look closely at results, as well as the published grade boundaries and will be able to give their professional opinion for any appeal submitted.


We very much hope that the results you'll receive will reflect the hard work that you have put in over the five years of study. If you do have concerns that your grades are not at the level to allow you to study the course at the college or apprenticeship you were planning, do not panic! Staff will be around to support you and offer guidance about what you can do, suggesting the next steps to take. We will also remain available to you, over the summer and into September, to assist where we can.

Grade Boundaries






Prom Photos

The Prom QR code will also be in your certificate envelope for access to the digital photos.

Exam Board Information


Results day

Thursday 24th August 2023

Results slips

On results day, you’ll receive a results slip that will show your provisional results. All results are provisional (pending any post-results services outcomes that you may have applied for) until you receive your results certificate.

Grades and grade boundaries

All GCSEs are now graded 9 – 1, with 9 being the highest grade.

All exam boards set grade boundaries. Grade boundaries are the minimum mark needed to achieve a certain grade. They are set after the exams have taken place and all the marking is complete. Grade boundaries are published on board websites. 

What if I'm not happy with my results?

If you’re not happy with some of the results you’ve received, the first thing you need to do is talk to your teacher or your exams officer. They’ll be best placed to help you and decide what the next step is.

How can my school help me?

Your school or college could request to see a copy of your exam script, with your written permission. They may also apply for a review of marking or moderation on your behalf.

  • A review of marking or moderation can only be requested by your school or college, not by individual candidates or parents. The only exception to this is private candidates.
  • There may be a fee charged for the service requested, but whether this fee is passed on to candidates depends on your school or college, so please speak to them.
  • There are different deadlines for applications and reviews of marking.

Once you’ve received the outcome of the review, if you’re still not happy with your results, please speak to your school so they can talk you through the options available to you, which may include the appeals process.


Exam boards will send certificates to the school where you sat your exams, about 10 weeks after results day. We then host a certificate event in November. Your certificate will show your final, confirmed results. Once you’ve collected your certificate, do take a good look at it to ensure that your details are correct, e.g. your name is spelled correctly, and it has your correct date of birth. Should you need to make any changes, please talk to your school who will return your certificate to us for amendment and re-issue.

Remember, this is an important document that you will need to keep in a safe place. You’ll need it to confirm your results with future employers and/or further education. If you lose your certificate we offer a replacement service, but you will be charged for this service.

Further information and help


Unique Learning Number

Your ULN (Unique Learning Number) is a unique 10-digit number, designed to work with your Personal Learning Record (PLR) which helps give proof of your learning achievements from aged 16 onwards. It collects all your learning achievements, including GCSE's, A Levels, BTEC Awards, qualifications, and work-based learning into one place. This number is indicated on your results, and it is important you make note of it.

Learning Records Service & Student Unique Learning Number

  1. Privacy Notice – Links to LRS Service for Students and Parents and explanation of how the students Personal Data can used for this purpose.
  2. Link to Personal Learning Record Document – Inform Students and Parents of how to access students Qualification information.
  3. Request Form – Printed request of student’s qualifications achieved.
  4. Where to find the Unique Learning Number (ULN) – Exam Certificate

On the students Exam Certificate, there is long number, made up of 31 characters printed on the left-hand side at the bottom of the Certificate. This number is made up of the following items and in the order listed:

  • Centre Number (4 Numbers)
  • Candidate Number (4 Numbers)
  • UCI Number (Unique Candidate Identifier – 13 characters)
  • ULN Number (Student Unique Learner Number – 10 numbers)


More information about accessing your personal learning record can be here (click link)

With all best wishes,








Kathryn Marshall and the Noadswood Leadership Team