GCSE Subject Support

This page is designed for parents for GCSE support for your child - each department has produced a PDF guide along with a video about consisting of some key parental information, including:

  • The course being studied
  • The exam titles and board including relevant information about tiers / specific parts of the course which are examined on
  • Content that has been covered and remains to be covered
  • Assessment opportunities
  • Mock information
  • Tips for success and where students can find help / resources
  • As a parent what support you can offer – e.g. ask child certain things / direct them to specific place / how much work around the subject outside of the lesson in a week would be expected
  • Useful resources
  • How students can expand and extend their knowledge in the subject (we have a dedicated 'curious about' page with more details)

 We hope that as parents and carers you find this useful, but as ever if you have any further questions please do contact the class teacher, curriculum manager or House Leader for further information or support.