Recommended Apps

We have three apps that, as parents and carers, we highly recommend that you download. Both apps use the official email address as a username that you have supplied to the school, and all three do very specific tasks which have been outlined below...

Arbor - this app shows how many reward points your child gets through an academic year, as well as allowing you to sign up to subject evenings and academic review days. It is also our main form of communication (via email or straight to the app as a message).

Class Charts - coming soon

My FROG - the companion app to the FROG VLE, this will show homework that has been set and dates for submission

*The school URL for you to connect your My FROG app is:

Below are guides to help you get setup with Arbor and My FROG app...



Class Charts

Coming soon



To install the app on your phone use the app store links above.

When it asks for the school URL at the beginning input followed by the input of your username and password.

*At the end of each year you'll need to log out of the My FROG app and back in again to reset everything for the new year

If students wish to reach the Frog site outside of the app, they will need to search for "frog Noadswood" together rather than just "frog", lest they end up on another school's Frog site (or they can just use the links on this website).