SEND Provisions


Provisions for Students with Additional Educational Needs and Disabilities

At Noadswood we look at the needs of a student with Special Educational Needs and in liaison with all other professionals involved with the student, plan a comprehensive learning package, which will allow for measurable learning opportunity to be put in place.

A plan to ensure the best educational provision to suit the needs of an individual student will be implemented. Students, parents, teachers and any agencies will meet to design the plan. In this way parents can be assured that their child is receiving the very best educational experience that Noadswood can offer. This is in line with other students at Noadswood.


At Noadswood we have a Special Educational Needs Policy and an Equal Opportunities Policy.

We believe that every student has the right to equal opportunities, access to all aspects of the curriculum and access to extra curricular activities.  This means that the Learning Support Department encourage full inclusion for all students.

How accessible is the school?

Noadswood has extensive facilities for disabled students. It is one of four designated mainstream schools for disabled students.

Over 80-85% of Noadswood premises are accessible to wheelchair users.  In the main building a lift is situated. Electronic doors are being systematically  updated to allow ease of access.

The school publishes an Accessibility Plan every 3 years (click here to view).

Additional Educational Needs

The Head and Governing Body are confident that every student with additional educational needs, who is currently on role at Noadswood, will be provided with an educational support package designed to cater for their individual educational requirements.

The Governing Body are informed of any changes of policy that may affect the education of students with additional educational needs, and in what way. The school will respond to those changes. If you have any queries please contact the school.

The Role of Learning Support Assistants at Noadswood

We have are large LSA team at Noadswood who work with our SEND students and pupil premium students. LSAs have high expectations of all students and use their skill and knowledge to enable all students to have access to the learning objective in lessons. Teaching staff plan their lessons to make effective use of LSAs. A contract is drawn up between the teacher and the LSA to ensure that their impact in the lesson is significantly contributing to the learning and achievement in the classroom.

All LSAs are trained to deliver additional literacy support using a variety of programmes. These interventions take place 2 or 3 times weekly in tutor time.

This ensures a personalised approach to breaking down barriers to learning.

Some LSAs are also allocated a student/students for whom they act as Key Worker. Key Workers are members of staff individually assigned to our more complex/vulnerable students in order to track and support their progress and well-being on a day to day basis or a week to week basis.

A Key Worker will work with a student/students over a long term period, often throughout the whole of the students school life, thus building up a very close working relationship with the student, assisting them with difficulties as and when they arise, advocating for their needs within the wider school setting and acting as a positive link between the student, colleagues, outside agencies and parents (families).