Health and Social Care


Health and Social care is one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK with demand for both health and social care employees continuously rising. Approximately 3 million people are currently employed in this sector.  

The Pearson BTEC Tech Award Level 1 and 2 in Health and Social Care 603/7047/6 is for learners who want to acquire sector specific knowledge through vocational contexts and by studying human life development, health and social care services and values and health and wellbeing as part of their key stage 4 learning. 

Year 9 – HSC 

During this term pupils research the different vocations within the NHS (National Health Service) and write a job description and advert. Then pupils will investigate the topic of Communication and how important it is to communicate verbally, non-verbally, and with alternative communication methods and the impact that this has on the service user.  Students will be able to practice writing an assignment within the deadlines set and receive feedback on ways to improve. 

The Spring Term is about completing an audit into the health and social care facilities within the local area.  Pupils research these facilities, locate them, and find out the service that each provides and how it benefits the service user. There is also a practical opportunity to experience what it is like to have hearing, sight, and mobility impairments.  Pupils learn about a variety of conditions and how they can help the service user in these situations. 

Pupils learn the content of the 6 different life stages of an individual and how a human typically grows and develops.  They learn the Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social development at each life stage and relate this to an individual.   

Year 10 – HSC 

During this term Pupils will learn the content for Component 1, this includes theoretical and applying knowledge about Physical, Social, Emotional, Economic and Environmental factors and a variety Life events that affect the growth and development of an individual throughout the life stages. This will be Internally assessed as a Pearson Set Assignment in the latter part of the term. 

In spring, Pupils will learn the content for Component 2, this includes information about the different sectors of care; Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Allied Health care services.  They will learn about how these services can be accessed and the difference they make to young people, adults with learning needs, those with sensory needs and learning difficulties.   

Pupils will study content about the obstacles and barriers to receiving health care and then apply their knowledge to the next internal Pearson set assignment.   

They will also learn about the skills and attributes required to be successful in the Health and Social Care Industry including the 6 C’s care values and how to apply them. 

Component 2 will be internally assessed in May and June. 

Year 11 – HSC 

In Year 11 preparation will begin for the component 3, the externally examined part of the course.  Pupils will learn and apply the Physical, Social, Economic, Environmental factors that affect the growth and development and be able to apply these to a case study in exam conditions.  

Pupils learn about Lifestyle indicators and how the current and future effects of having abnormal results will impact a case study.  Pupils will also learn how to produce a healthcare plan for a case study, providing them with SMART targets and being able to justify their recommended actions. Pupils will also look at the barriers for a case study being able to access the recommended healthcare plan.   

Methods of Assessment 

Component 1 and Component 2 are each worth 60 marks, both internally assessed and together make up 66% of student's final grades. Within both Components the student's complete coursework style tasks that are issued by the exam board. This work is then marked by the class teacher and then externally moderated. 

Component 3 is also worth 60 marks and is assessed through a formal examination which students complete during Year 11. This exam paper makes up the remaining 33% of the student's grade. 

Further information 

BTEC qualifications are awarded by Pearson, the UK’s largest awarding body offering academic and vocational qualifications that are globally recognised and benchmarked. For further information, please visit the Pearson’s qualifications website at