Parent Staff Association

Parent Staff Association

We were delighted to continue the Noadswood Parent Staff Association (PSA) for 2023/2024.

If you would like to join, please email us at:


As you know, we hope, we are keen to see our school and local community working more closely together to ensure that our pupils continue to receive the first class educational experience that we are so proud to deliver- we recognise that this is about so much more than just great teaching. Research has shown that parental/carer involvement has a very significant impact on a child’s achievement, attainment and wellbeing at school.

We’d like you to think back to your genius support of your child’s primary school that enabled you to be at the heart of it and your child’s educational experience, roll up your sleeves and come and do exactly the same, here with us at Noadswood, thereby dispelling the myth – as myth it certainly is – that secondary schools are oh, so different, and don’t need parent power. This is utter nonsense – we need you, and even more importantly, your children need you right in the thick of their school lives until they leave.

What does our PSA involve?

It will involve around three meetings per year – maybe a few more if we plan an event together -in which staff, parents and friends of the school will get together to discuss ways in which we can enrich our children’s learning experiences.

We welcome parents, carers, family members or, indeed, anyone who’s part of or connected to our school community in any way who would like to become involved; no skills needed just a willingness to come up with great ideas for events or fundraising or, in fact, anything at all you think would be fabulous, or a bit of time to help out where you can or both… It’s that simple!

The PSA is a fantastic way of getting to know other local families and our colleagues whilst making a real contribution to the quality of school life for all. As you might expect, PSA activity and events will vary from school to school and so at our first meeting we will look to shape the direction of our unique, Noadswood PSA. Whilst fund-raising is often part of a PSA’s activities and directly contributes to the improvement of the school for your children, there’s far more to it than that. PSAs provide a way to build our whole school community, including making links with wider society, all of which benefits our school and offers a positive influence within our local area for all our children.

This varied menu of PSA life means there’s something for everyone – it’s not just about being on the committee.

We really believe that together, we will see ever more great things within our school. If you’d like to know more or get involved please do drop us an email:

What have we organised already?

  • A Parent/Staff Quiz Night
  • A year 7 ‘spook-tacular’ welcome disco
  • A Bags2School fundraising event
  • A years 7-9 Christmas disco
  • Tea/coffee and drinks at key events
  • Chocolate gifting at school to promote kindness
  • Easter events

Who is part of our team?

  • Claire Blowers - Chair, RS teacher and committee member
  • Suzie Pavitt- Vice Chair, parent and committee member
  • June Hill - Treasurer, parent and committee member
  • Eddie Rollett- Assistant Headteacher, secretary and step-parent committee member
  • Laura Woods- Lead Practitioner in Geography and committee member
  • Kathryn Marshall- Headteacher and committee member
  • Lou Thompson- Parent and committee member
  • Kirsty Lambley- Reception team member, parent and committee member
  • Laura Ebblewhite- History teacher and committee member
  • Christiane Rose- Parent and committee member
  • Theresa Gregory- Parent and committee member
  • Nina Lazarski- Parent and committee member
  • Katie Harris - Parent and committee member

Message from Claire Blowers - PSA chair

Dear Parent/Guardians,

I just thought I’d take this opportunity to introduce myself as the current Chairperson of the Noadswood PSA (Parent, Staff, Association)

Many of you might already know me, as I teach quite a number of our students, in some cases I may even have taught you! I mainly teach Religious Studies/Ethics, RSHE/Citizenship and work closely with the Humanities team.

This academic year is my 26th as a Noadswood member of staff. I feel very proud to work with such great colleagues/friends and strongly believe that at the heart of everything we do is the hope that our students succeed to the very best of their potential…

The transition from Primary to Secondary can be quite a jump for many, but quickly the students adjust, for parents however, it is very different.  I am a Mum myself and have two daughters aged 14 & 18, so appreciate that things are different when you no longer do the school run or stand in the playground with other parents.  Joining the PSA could help you to integrate into secondary school life.

Hopefully you will be aware that as teaching staff we have turned our hand to different ways of teaching and delivering lessons over the last few years.  This has also meant that communication between school and home has increased.  Speaking as a teacher and parent there is nothing nicer than to send or receive a postcard praising great effort or good work!  It’s also so nice to talk to parents. We are a friendly bunch (despite what you children might say on occasions).  It would be great if some of you would be willing to join our committee.

Can you join us? Share ideas? Lend a hand? 

My colleagues work tirelessly to support your children during their time at Noadswood and as the PSA name suggests, we would like it to be a team effort. Please come and join us!

Any questions, please refer to the PSA page on the Noadswood website or you can of course email me directly at or

look forward to meeting you.

Claire Blowers

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